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"Commencement of Change"

DOT Club, the Official Techno-Managerial Club of IBS Hyderabad has been in existence since 2010. It's been 11 glorious years of us making managers to techno-managers. We are a club of people really interested in the field of technology. The presence of the club has been very significant in the campus.


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Prof. Krishna Ku. Dadsena

Dot Club- the Official Techno-Managerial Club of IBS Hyderabad is one of the clubs that actually showcases the importance of Technologies in human day-to-day lives. We are all surrounded by technologies and hardly have we acknowledged their utility. 

So being a technical student, I am proud to see DOT delegating its club activities through different club events, Technical Guest Lectures, Conclaves, etc. Moreover, IBS being a leading B-school, all the members of DOT try to inculcate the managerial skills to the students apart from the technical skills, which can be a great factor at the corporate level.

Seeing the level of enthusiasm of the students, I feel proud to be serving as Club Mentor with these guys, who always bring out their innovative concepts in different ways, for the love of technology they do have. 

I wish you all the best for all the best coming moments of the club in the year 2021-22, where I witness that DOT Club stands by its tagline- “Commencement of Change”.
Wishing DOT Club , all the best!

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